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Kinosaki Onsen has long been known and its hot spring is famous for healing sores and wounds. Ogiya’s history dates back to the Taisho period (early 1900) and is known to have free-flowing hot springs which you seldom see in the Kinosaki Region. Free-flowing hot spring retains all the nutrients because the water comes directly from underground. We only take up to 5 bookings per day and make sure every guest receives the best Japanese service to feel welcome.

In a Japanese traditional onsen ryokan inn, there is an Okami who is responsible for the waiting and looking after of guests, also the Okami acts as a chief service manager and is a female. Where most of ryokan inns have chiefs, here at Ogiya, our Okami prepares meals as well. We buy our fresh ingredients from local farmers and use organic ingredients as much as we can.

Our inn was built in the Taisho period and it maintains its uniqueness of the traditional Japanese style building.

Our onsen is a free-flowing hot spring where all the water comes directly from underground and is 100% natural. Only 3 onsen inns use this natural water in the Kinosaki area.

■ 3 hours from Osaka and Kyoto
Please park at the closest coin parking. We do not have parking.

■ 7 min walk from the JP Kinosaki station.

■ 30 min by taxi or bus from Konotori Tajima Airport

Old tradition has it that a stork was healing its wound in the hot spring. Since then many Japanese historical samurai and novelists have visited Kinosaki Onsen, There are 7 different public onsens for visiting guests.

Many people enjoy a small walk around the onsen village wearing a Yukata ( casual cotton kimono) and Geta ( wooden sandals) . This is a must do in Kinosaki. Our inn is located at the heart of Kinosaki Onsen Village so it’s very convenient to get around the area.

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Ogiya Ryokan
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